When you hire a real estate broker, you should be looking for someone skilled in two critically important areas.

First and most obvious, you are employing the services of someone to market your home.

In today's market your Realtor needs to go beyond planting a sign in your front yard and running an occasional ad in the newspaper. The City Properties Group market their listings across a broad spectrum of media including print, online web sites, social media, realtor networking, and professional signage. We use high quality photography and materials to feature your home in best way possible.

Their goal is to make it impossible for a serious home buyer to not know their homes are available.

The second and most important person you are hiring is a professional to guide you through the maze of legal paperwork, inspections, financing and inevitable hitches to complete the sale of your home after you've found your buyer.

You want a seasoned, knowledgeable expert to negotiate on your behalf, to prepare a strong contract that clearly addresses the many details of the transaction, to monitor the buyers' financing and to oversee the many details that must be handled on the way to closing.

With over one thousand satisfied clients that have bought and sold homes through them over the years, Dianne and John offer the best service available to their clients. For an Information Package, detailing the services they offer, simply go to the City Properties Group Response page and request the package. Be sure to leave your name and address.

There's more...

There are three reasons a property sells:

1. Price
2. Condition
3. Realtor

Price and Condition

You control these. Especially in our area, where many homes are unique, the right price can only be determined by a well-researched market evaluation. As a home seller, you should get a written market analysis comparing your home to similar properties that have recently sold and that are currently on the market. Your home's condition is vital to a sale. A clean, well maintained home enjoys a competitive edge over all the other homes on the market. You'll sell faster and at a higher price if you 'stage' your home to enhance its appeal. Dianne assists you with pricing and staging recommendations.


You want your home presented to the marketplace broadly and in its best light. Look for an extensive marketing campaign and professional marketing materials. Your Realtor advises you on market conditions, negotiating and contracting strategies and closing activities. Just as you insist on an experienced doctor to treat your family, you want a Realtor with a proven track record to represent you in the sale of your home. Dianne and John take your property to the market with an extensive marketing campaign and use their many years of successful experience to advise you on contract negotiations and closing requirements.


The City Properties Group Marketing Program

  1. Assist you in correct pricing with a professional market analysis comparing past six months market activity.
  2. Assist you in staging your home to enhance appeal.
  3. Professionally photograph your property.
  4. Install lockbox to encourage other agents to show your home.
  5. Install classic Realtor sign with information box.
  6. Enter listing in Portland area RMLS computer (www.RMLS.com) - reaches over 6500 Realtors instantly.
  7. Conduct Realtor tour and pricing opinion.
  8. Distribute new listing flyer to Portland Area Realtors.
  9. Create Property Profile to be available at your home.
  10. Direct mail to neighbors announcing your listing.
  11. Search our Matchmaker Database for buyers for your home.
  12. Our personal Internet web site which was one of the very first in the Portland Marketplace.
  13. Buyer specialists introduce relocation and referral buyers to your home.
  14. Promote at Realtor and MLS marketing sessions.
  15. Check your sign, marketing materials weekly.
  16. Follow up on every showing.
  17. Call you weekly, send bi-weekly reports with ads, showing feedback.
  18. Perform 10-showing/30-day marketing reviews.
  19. Assist with price or condition adjustments indicated by showing feedback.

A Few Words On Pricing

Houses sell quicker when priced right. Do not list with the Realtor who gives you the highest price. Consumer Reports stated . . .

"Expect the agent to suggest a price range, but don't let that frame you in. Be aware that some devious agents will at first suggest a very handsome price. Then, after they have the listing and the house hasn't sold, they'll come back with a pitch to lower the price."

Dianne and John prepare a thorough, well-researched market analysis on every listing. As a result, they sell their listings at very close to asking price and they don't experience appraisal problems. Its part of the service you pay for.

A Few Words on Condition

We live in our homes in one way, we market them in another. Just as builders recognize that a finished, clean, pleasantly decorated model home enables them to enhance the appeal of the homes they are building, 'staging' your home to enhance its appeal will give you a competitive edge against all the other homes on the market.

$500 spent cleaning, painting and making minor repairs will pay you back $5,000 in a higher sales price and result in a faster sale.

Dianne & John know which items are cost-effective and will pay you back many times over in buyer interest. After you agree to list your home with the Rodway Becker Group, We will detail which simple, easy steps you can take to enhance your home's appeal.

Dianne & John are responsible for marketing your home. You are in control of the marketability of your home.

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