"I always knew what was goi
ng to happen next.  I’m a first-time buyer and really felt comfortable working with you.  Overall, it was an enjoyable, smooth experience."
-- Lindsey Faux, Portland

"Dianne & John kept me well informed and helped me to know the most appropriate course of action."
--Another Satisfied Buyer, Portland

"We chose you to sell our property because we were impressed by your professionalism and marketing when we originally bought the home."
--Steve & Jennifer, Portland

"Dianne is extremely good at understanding people's needs by not just hearing their words, but also reading their body language and listening to what they don't say...And her ability to close the deal is, well, terrific. We were very impressed."
--Barbara, West Linn

"They kept us informed and encouraged. Showed us lots of houses and helped us clarify what we wanted and needed."
--Mike & Kathy, West Linn

"Communicated well and followed-up well with potential buyers."
--Jackie, Portland to Beaverton

"You did everything well, the whole job went very well"
--Karen W.

"Your service is excellent"

"We felt like we got a good overview of different neighborhoods in the beginning and learned a lot about Portland before narrowing our search..."
--Satisfied Relocation Buyers

"Your teamwork was outstanding! Having two people working together allowed us to be able to contact you at any time. I can't think of anything that you could have done more efficiently! You guys were great!"
-- Another Happy Home buyer, SW Portland

"We both feel you were wonderful people, great to work with and I couldn't see going through this experience again without you both."
-- Ryan & Jean M.

"Dianne Rodway - a really nice person"
--M. Willey, SW Portland

"Friendly, efficient... very kind, caring help. Dianne & John did everything including dealing with a soon to be ex-husband!"
-- Sherry, Portland

"We are so thankful for the attention you paid to our past experience and for the validation of our concerns".
-- Andi & Adam, NW Portland, OR

" We are just so grateful that you kept us hanging in there till we found just the right place. Geeze! I could go on and on.... Thanks again!"
-- Katherine & Jim, NW Portland - Nob Hill

"What I remember most is how smooth the whole experience was... unlike so many horror stories I've heard"
-- Karlene, Portland, OR

"Thanks for everything. Was the fastest transaction I've ever seen. Everyone at Dianne's office was great."
-- Kelly, Beaverton, OR

"We were very impressed with the prompt communication from your office. Your staff was a delight to work with. We will recommend you to friends and relatives."
-- Craig, Hillsdale Area, OR

"We wish everyone we have had business dealings with were just half as good as you!"
-- Mrs. Meyers, Northwest Portland, OR



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