Just as your family physician would refer you to a cardiac specialist if you needed open-heart surgery, so the real estate industry has evolved to the point that home buyers are well advised to seek out a specialist who will actively work on their behalf.

The City Properties Group includes several Brokers who specialize in representing buyers. As a purchaser, you have the opportunity to be legally represented by a Realtor and (here's the best part) for the Realtor to be paid out of the Seller's commission at closing.

Our Buyer Specialists are prepared to provide you with the most personal and professional care available today. The City Properties Group has enjoyed many years of experience in the Portland real estate market and specialize in helping families move or relocate to our area.

We are happy to recommend and introduce you to a mortgage lender and we're experienced in guiding you through the maze of financing, contracting and closing requirements to help you buy your dream home.

We do not limit your home search to our listings or even to our brokerage's listings. Any property on the market listed by any broker, whether a resale property or new construction, and even homes not listed by a Realtor are fair game to us. And because our Buyer Specialists are out showing homes to buyers every day, we're familiar with what's available and, chances are, we can save you time and effort in locating the perfect home for your family.

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